MCC Diva Launch – Cocktail Party @ Tasting Room

It was a festive occasion and although the weather was getting chilly outside, the bubbly atmosphere kept everyone warm and especially, very happy. Celebrating a brand new “Diva” is what it was all about and 125 guests joined our Blaauwklippen team in our Tasting Room to do so. The guests enjoyed live music and succulent […]

Team spirit, change and continuous improvement

What does Blaauwklippen mean to you? Is it the family market on sunny Sundays? Your wedding venue many years ago? The old heritage farm that is a significant part of the history in the Winelands? Or perhaps the Malbec, the Ons Sprankel or the Reserve Zinfandel wine in your glass while you are reading this? […]

Blaauwklippen celebrates 333rd birthday with a Diva

Blaauwklippen is Zinfandel”, says cellarmaster Rolf Zeitvogel at the release of what is believed to be South Africa’s only Zinfandel based MCC sparkling wine. The ‘Diva’ is Blaauwklippen’s birthday present to mark their 333rd birthday this year and their tenth product based on Zinfandel. It is also their very first MCC. Why is it called […]