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Before & After Aperitif: Blaauwklippen’s Happy Little Accident

From oil spills to the Titanic, accidents can often have disastrous consequences for those involved. However, every now and then, something accidental turns into something beautiful. Just look at Alexander Fleming accidentally discovering life-saving penicillin, or Christopher Columbus stumbling upon the Americas. One such happy accident was Blaauwklippen’s popular Before & After Aperitif, and for a very good reason.

It all started during a tasting in the cellar, when the lack of light led to the odd mixture of 8 Year Old Potstil Brandy and Noble Late Harvest Zinfandel. Cellar Master and Managing Director Rolf Zeitvogel and Winemaker Albert Basson immediately realised they were onto something, and spent the next 2 years tweaking and testing this odd combination into the delectable drink we know today. It shows again the magic that is Zinfandel, a varietal renowned for being incredibly difficult. Since the first vines were planted on the farm in the late seventies Blaauwklippen has become the foremost producer of Zinfandel in Africa, with the widest variety of Zinfandel products of any winery outside the United States of America. But it’s with the unique aperitif that Blaauwklippen truly showcase their innovative nature.

The Before & After boasts sensuous flavours of cinnamon and Christmas spice, which create the beautiful base for this sophisticated brandy fortified aperitif. The nature of the drink is such that it can be enjoyed on its own or poured over a couple of blocks of ice as a classic before & after dinner drink. As versatile as it is tasty, the B&A can even feature as an ingredient in cocktails or special food dishes.

With such a wide variety of uses, and its enigmatic flavour, the Before & After Aperitif has proven a firm favourite amongst wine connoisseurs and novices alike, making it the perfect drink for any occasion. With the month of May honouring mothers, what better way to spoil that special lady in your life than with a bottle of the delectable product? To sweeten the pot, so to say, Blaauwklippen will also throw in a slab of decadent chilli chocolate, all for a mere R294! Make sure to put your order in now, while stocks last:

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