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Team spirit, change and continuous improvement

What does Blaauwklippen mean to you? Is it the family market on sunny Sundays? Your wedding venue many years ago? The old heritage farm that is a significant part of the history in the Winelands? Or perhaps the Malbec, the Ons Sprankel or the Reserve Zinfandel wine in your glass while you are reading this?
For the people working at Blaauwklippen, it is all of the above and much more. In this newsletter we share with you what Blaauwklippen has to offer to you and your family. And as always in life, it is people offering something to other people in the hope that they can be an added value in each other’s lives.

Today, we live in a time of change, and we live that change every day at Blaauwklippen. Why? Because continuous improvement is what the Blaauwklippen team believes in. It ranges from our staff, who wish to give you their best and learn from their experiences with our customers every day. It is our creativity, reflected in the wine or spirits you drink and the food you eat while enjoying the farm atmosphere. Continuous improvement is our daily way of living because we want to make sure that our customers all around the world, every single one of you, if you are visiting the farm or enjoying our products in the comfort of your home, we hope you remember us fondly.

To achieve this is precisely why we change and improve continuously. Because our team wants to offer you a complete customer experience, whatever you choose to experience with us. For example, approximately 6 months ago, we opened our new Tasting Room. We decided to move it from one heritage building to another. In the available space, we wanted to link the luxury of tasting wine with all the other senses. It grew into a bigger offering. Marius Prinsloo became our resident artist, his studio is part of the tasting room, his paintings and connections to the art world are shared with you together with his smile while he is at work next to you, and you are sipping on some of our Cabernet Sauvignon enjoying the fire place when that little autumn chill is in the air. Then The Bistro teamed up with Blaauwklippen and the terrace overlooking the farm animals became a welcoming environment for families wishing to enjoy chef “Big Steve” and his home cured meat platters, just to give you one mouth-watering example. When you enter the Tasting Room area, on your right, you will find the Spirits Room. A cosy lounge area, inviting you to try our range of Grappa’s, liquors, eau de vie, Before & After special aperitif or indulge in what this unique SA Brandy hub has to offer besides our own award winning Brandy. Walk further down for a cellar tour but don’t forget to stop at our Vinoteque if you love your history and your wine because there, Blaauwklippen wine offerings go back to what we produced in 1978 and from thereon. Our wine advisors will guide you through all these options with a smile and help you choose from our shop what you wish to take home as a souvenir to remember your visit by, local or tourist, our team works hard to make you want to return for more.

Sharing stories is what it is all about. And we want to share more with you, but also, we want to learn about your stories. Tell us about your wedding day at Blaauwklippen, your picnic on the lawn, your kids playing while you are having lunch at The Bistro, the wonderful wine you shared with your friends over a home cooked meal or a braai. And don’t forget to send us some pictures too. We want to know and grow with you, so we invite you to be a part of our Blaauwklippen family and allow us to be a part of yours.

We look forward to hearing about your positive experiences in connection to Blaauwklippen and we will choose a story and a winner every month, who will receive a surprise in return for the effort of sharing it with us.

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