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The Blaauwklippen Brandy Experience

South African brandy has a legacy almost as old as the country itself. Taken from the Dutch word “brandewijn”, meaning burnt or distilled wine, brandy has been produced and enjoyed in this country from as far back as 1672. Today, South African brandy is acknowledged as some of the world’s finest, with the title of Worldwide Best Brandy at the International Wine & Spirits competition having been awarded to a South African brandy for the last six years. It was with this in mind that the renowned Stellenbosch wine estate, Blaauwklippen Vineyards, created the Spirit Room.

As the first official Brandy Hub in South Africa, the Spirit Room offers guests not only the Blaauwklippen range of fine potstilled brandies and quality liqueurs, but also features a selection of premium potstilled brandies by South African producers, all available for tasting and sales. This comfortable, laid-back tasting room provides an opportunity to really get to know a diverse selection of local brandies, allowing guests to experience the best brandies South Africa has to offer, all in one place!

Of course, no brandy connoisseur visiting this legendary Stellenbosch wine estate could resist sampling the world class brandy that Blaauwklippen produces. Utilizing a blend of the Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, and Colombard wines these eight and 10 year old potstilled brandies have won numerous awards at the World Spirits Awards. A product of exceptional quality, the 10 year old brandy has been double distilled in an old Copper pot still, originally used at Oude Molen in Stellenbosch, while the 8 year old brandy pairs perfectly neat with fine cheeses, chocolate desserts and selected tobacco or cigars.

Distilled with great care and passion, these specialty brandies are perfect for gifts, celebrations and special occasions, or just to enjoy with a loved one in front of a cosy fire. So pop on by South Africa’s first Brandy Hub at Blaauwklippen Vineyards, with a vast selection of award-winning brandies this Stellenbosch wine estate is the best place to warm up this winter 2015!
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