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The Perfect Pairing: Blaauwklippen Wines & Canapés

Few things go together as well as food and wine. Since the advent of the meal, it soon became habit to join the two together, to enhance not only the flavour of both the food and the wine itself, but also the experience.

With this in mind, we at Blaauwklippen Vineyards set out to create a food and wine pairing that would stand out from the crowd, one that would delight the senses and tantalise the taste buds, which resulted in the Blaauwklippen canapé & wine pairing! Five canapés meticulously crafted to match wonderfully with 4 Blaauwklippen wines as well as a Marc de Zinfandel (better known as grappa). Let us give you a taste:

1. Firstly we match our ever popular, light and fresh Ons Sprankle with spiced pear and sour cream, wrapped in parma ham and topped with salted pistachio and vanilla & Rooibos candy floss.

2. Our tropical Sauvignon Blanc’s lovely structure made it the ideal partner for a ginger and green chilli mousse with a granadilla, lemon & beetroot cured salmon. Subtle, simple and superb.

3. The easy-drinking Shiraz with its spiciness that leant it well to a butternut & vanilla crème brûlée, topped with black forest ham, rocket & a splash of balsamic reduction. An earthy, delightful pairing.

4. The Blaauwklippen Cabriolet is a 6 wine blend matured in French & Romanian Oak barrels, making it a heavier and much bigger wine. The robust nature means it fits flawlessly with the wild mushroom tart, with a hint of truffle oil, basil pesto, Grana Padano cheese & bacon dust. This mouth-watering pairing is a firm favourite.

5. Unlike wine, a spirit tasting is more subtle, as the strong alcohol content already releases the aromas beautifully. So instead of getting your nose in the glass and sniffing, you should rather give it a gentle whiff, delicately taking in the aromas. The Marc de Zinfandel, being an Italian delicacy, fits in faultlessly for the final pairing with chocolate brownie biscotti.

From first to last, the Blaauwklippen Canapé & Wine Pairing transports you on a culinary journey that astounds the senses and delights the mind. So escape with us on this magical gastronomical adventure and we’ll ensure it’s an unforgettable one.

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