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Why it’s OK to go wine tasting with your kids

Let’s start this off with one clear thing – we are not promoting unsafe drinking and driving with your children in the car, nor are we promoting underage drinking.

Now to the good stuff! Cape Town is known for its vast variety of wine farms and different wine valley routes; Durbanville, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek to name a few. Wine has been integrated into the Capetonian culture for many years, and most often than not weekend activities will involve visiting a wine farm or two with friends and family – so why do people feel awkward bringing their kids with?

Macaron Pairing

In this modern day and age, why do parents feel uncomfortable having their kids join, and sometimes even miss out on group activities at wine farms because their kids are young? There are so many conveniences that allow you to bring your kid with you – from ordering an Uber to going on a tour-guided wine farm adventure; there are many ways to safely move from farm to farm without putting your kids (or yourself) at risk.

Wine Tasting Lounge

Most wine farms now adays cater for bringing a child with them, and Blaauwklippen is an excellent example of this. With Sunday markets that are targeted mainly towards families, and jungle gyms for kids to run free, Blaauwklippen encourages parents to bring their kids with so both parties can have a great time over weekends and, most importantly, can spend time and bond together. Blaauwklippen welcomes families of all sorts to join the fun we have on offer, such as pony rides Sunday markets, as well as partake in the wine culture of Cape Town and experience the memories only had by family bonding – and don’t worry, we’ll have a welcoming glass ready for when they turn 18 to toast to their adulthood.

Sunday Market

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