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Zinfandel Tasting 12 March 14

Blaauwklippen Vineyards in Stellenbosch has a rich and colourful Zinfandel history and is widely regarded as the South-African market leader when it comes to the production of this grape varietal that enjoys immense popularity in the USA as well as Eurpoe under the name Primitivo.

Blaauwklippen was the first South African winery to release a local interpretation of one of America’s most popular wines, namely a White Zinfandel in 2007. A well-known producer of red Zinfandel since the 1980’s, Blaauwklippen’s decision to release the white version – which is made from red grapes – was driven by the wine-drinking public’s demand for a new wine style and the proven quality of Blaauwklippen’s Zinfandel fruit. Since then, Rolf Zeitvogel, now in his 10th vintage at Blaauwklippen, has grown the Zinfandel portfolio at this iconic estate to eight Zinfandel inspired products:

  • Reserve Single Vineyard Zinfandel
  • Vineyard Selection Zinfandel
  • White Zinfandel, made in a blanc de noir style
  • Zinfandel Noble Late Harvest
  • Before and After Apéritif, which is Zinfandel based
  • Ons Sprankel, a Zinfandel based Perle
  • Zinfandel and a Zinfandel Noble Late Harvest Husk Spirit

“Zinfandel is a unique selling point for Blaauwklippen and we are committed to build on the legacy that was left to us by Walter Finlayson and his team, when they planted the very first Zinfandel vines on the farm in the late seventies. The past decade has been an exciting journey for us and it is rewarding to look back and realise that Blaauwklippen now truly owns the Zinfandel category in South Africa, expressing its versatility in our wine portfolio,” says Rolf Zeitvogel, Blaauwklippen’s cellar master and managing director.

According to Zeitvogel, history has proven that wine lovers appreciate the passion Blaauwklippen puts into Zinfandel the time is right to present even more new styles to the South African public. “South African wine consumers are adventurous and always keen to try something new,” he says. “I think our Zinfandel portfolio has been met with great excitement and our aim is to create even more awareness and interest around this varietal”.

Blaauwklippen is not only celebrating Zeitvogel’s tenth vintage this year, but also the 15th year of ownership by the Schörghuber family who bought Blaauwklippen in 1999.

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