Newsletter January 2012

  I cannot believe that I am writing the first letter for 2012. Somehow it feels as if too much as happened for the year to be only one month old. January started with a fantastic bang at Blaauwklippen. We joined celebrity chef Jenny Morris, for two days of shooting for her new television series […]

Newsletter April 2012

When you work on a wine farm it is easy to see where Albert Camus the famous French author and philosopher received his inspiration from when he wrote: Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. The vines are all starting to turn jewel colours and the mellow days are truly magical. […]

Charlize Theron expresses her love for wine

  South Africa’s golden girl, Charlize Theron, needs no introduction. In a recent interview with Gilbert & Gaillard, Charlize revealed her love affair with wine. According to this blond bombshell, she has always associated wine with fashion and glamour. The stem of a wine glass reminds her of stilettos and she finds the shape of […]

Rose sunset

Every year Blaauwklippen hosts a Rose sunset event to welcome back the students to Stellenbosch. The event is not limited to students though, anyone who is young at heart can join.  This year the Rose sunset took place on the 10th of February from 15h00 – 21h00 and seeing that February  it is the month […]

Zinfandel Tasting

Blaauwklippen has been a proud producer of Zinfandel since the seventies, and the Blaauwklippen Zinfandel portfolio includes three products: A classic, sophisticated red wine, a noble late harvest and a white Zinfandel that made history in 2007 by becoming the first white style Zinfandel in South Africa. To reinforce this unique selling point an International […]