Blaauwklippen Harvest 2017: The Future looks Bright & Full of Wine!


The warm and wonderful weather still lingers in the winelands, and the vineyards are bursting to the brim with bright, beautiful bunches of grapes, patiently waiting for the day they get turned into delicious Blaauwklippen wine. Luckily the day is here, and on 26 January we descended upon Blaauwklippen’s vineyards to begin the lengthy but rewarded process of the Blaauwklippen Harvest 2017!


Knowing exactly when to begin a harvest is as much of an art as it is a science. Given that different varietals ripen at different times, and that there are so many factors to take into account, it’s up to the winemaker to make the call on when to start the harvest. Of course, when it comes to a wealth of wine knowledge, we at Blaauwklippen have been gifted with our MD and Cellar Master Rolf Zeitvogel, and Winemaker Narina Cloete, who is participating in her first Blaauwklippen harvest. With over 30 years experience, as well as an incredible passion and dedication to the craft, Rolf has expertly guided Blaauwklippen through the last 13 harvests with expert knowledge and diligence. Rumours that his incredible skill is actually a superpower or some form of ancient magic have not been proven. Yet.


Magically for Harvest 2017 everything ripened at the same time, which has given us a short but busy harvest. The flavours are looking good, with an ideal low pH and small berries. All the Cabernet Franc and Malbec have been harvested, as well as Zinfandel.  Soon we shall start with Shiraz, for the rosé and red wines, which we begin work on harvesting the Cabernet Sauvignon before finishing Harvest 2017 with Petit Verdot, hopefully by mid-March. The Diva MCC 2017 base wine and White Zinfandel 2017 are already busy fermenting as we start the process of finishing off what nature started.


Harvest 2017 is set to produce another vintage year. As we march into summer’s twilight and the leaves begin to turn we’re hard at work harvesting Blaauwklippen’s very best, to make more of the very best wines, spirits & brandies you know and love. Make sure you keep an eye out for your favourites.


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