Indulge your Senses with a Brand New Taste of Blaauwklippen

Winter has descended upon South Africa and it’s easy to want to hide away and hibernate at home. But why not treat yourself instead and indulge in the perfect pairing of their incredible products with mouth-watering meals: a 6 course pairing meticulously designed to tantalise your taste buds and warm the soul.
We start at The Sea where Blaauwklippen’s delightful Diva MCC sparkles with flour dusted Patagonian squid with lime, green chilli & coconut aioli served with chorizo & goat’s cheese, a taste of the incredible dishes to come. Next up is The Terroir, which will consist of freshly sourced ingredients, a different dish every day specially chosen by the Chef and Winemaker, so you’re guaranteed a unique, once-off experience.

With From the Land we’re treated to Blaauwklippen’s beautifully complex Cabriolet, an aroma-filled masterpiece with a delicious Ostrich Bobotie served with sultana chutney & poppadum. The next dish is From the Earth, Blaauwklippen’s renowned Red Zinfandel with mouth-watering deboned oxtail with roaster parsnip mousse, accompanied by tomatoes & rainbow carrots. It’s an explosion of flavours and a true treat for the taste buds.

We seek to satisfy your sweet tooth with something From the Dairy. Our sought after Zinfandel Noble Late Harvest is expertly paired with Gruyère three ways with burnt sugar, olive & rosemary quinoa. And as all good things must come to an end, what better Sweet Ending than Blaauwklippen’s perfectly balanced 10 year old Potstilled Brandy enjoyed with dark chocolate, orange & hazelnut sachertorte with hazelnut ice cream & poached plum. A dream dessert designed to leave you supremely satisfied.

All the very best things in life are better when enjoyed surrounded by your loved ones, and where better to indulge the senses in warmth and comfort this winter than at Blaauwklippen with generous portions of food and wine, surrounded by friends and family. Book now for this incredible taste experience, we’ll make sure to keep your seat warm.


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