Brand New Look for Blaauwklippen’s Flagship Zinfandel


In a list of best known varietals, Zinfandel does not rank highly. In fact, outside of the USA, there is very little spoken of this notoriously difficult grape. This is not the case however at Blaauwklippen Vineyards, where Zinfandel has become the estates flagship grape, spawning various sought after Blaauwklippen products. With this in mind, Blaauwklippen have given their Red & White Zinfandels a new look, to go with their incredible taste.
By 1977 the very first Zinfandel grapes were planted on Blaauwklippen, with the first wines produced three years later. The wine grew in prominence at the farm, with Blaauwklippen now the biggest producer of Zinfandel in the Southern Hemisphere. Blaauwklippen also became the first winery outside of the USA to join ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) in 2008, for the wonderful array of Zinfandel products. Now in 2017, the 2015 Red Zinfandel and 2017 White Zinfandel have been bottled in brand new Burgundy bottles, with new look labels.

Blaauwklippen Red Zinfandel 2015 (2)

The 2015 Red Zinfandel consists of only the finest Zinfandel grapes, hand selected and spontaneously fermented in French Oak Cask and matured in French Oak barriques, giving you wines of distinction. Combining aromas of prune and tobacco with lush hints of fruitcake spice and ripe sour cherries on the nose, the red Zinfandel presents a textured palate with chalky tannin finishes with good length and aromatics. The wine pairs well with springbok, kudu, beef and medium ripe cheeses. It’s also perfectly paired with mouth-watering deboned oxtail with roaster parsnip mousse, accompanied by tomatoes & rainbow carrots in the brand new Taste of Blaauwklippen.
Blaauwklippen White Zinfandel 2017 (3)
In contrast, the 2017 White Zinfandel has only the finest Zinfandel grapes handpicked and transported to the cellar for processing, with light pressing and cold spontaneous fermentation to ensure preservation of the aromatics. Extended lees contact of 3 months after fermentation gives the wine its palate texture. Noticeable are the lush strawberry & cream notes with mineral citrus and fresh stone fruit notes on the nose. A zesty acidity is complemented by velvety texture and creamy mid-palate leading to a lingering aromatic finish. The wine pairs well with seafood dishes and is also the perfect companion for summer picnics and sunsets.

A brand new bottle and pristine new label may give the Blaauwkluppen 2015 Red Zinfandel and 2017 White Zinfandel a new look, but it’s the usual terrific taste that have made them so popular that remains and perfectly showcases why Blaawuklippen Vineyards has become known as the Home of Zinfandel in South Africa. Order your zintastic Zinfandel double for only R224 this August.

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