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All aboard The Pony Express for a taste of Blaauwklippen History

A brand new look with the same great taste is what awaits wine lovers with The Pony Express. As one of the oldest working wine farms in South Africa, with an illustrious past dating back to 1682, we at Blaauwklippen Vineyards are proud of our history. From being owned by Cecil John Rhodes for one day and being one of the first members of the Stellenbosch Wine Route, to establishing Blaauwklippen as the South African authority on Zinfandel, our history has made us the wine farm we are today. It was with this in mind that we launched The Pony Express, with new labels and branding worthy of our proud estate.

The Pony Express comprises of a few well known Blaauwklippen wines from our Cultivar Selection: the dry red, dry white and dry rose. For over 333 years Blaauwklippen has always been associated with ponies and carriages, from the Sunday Family Market which offers pony rides for the little ones to the old carriage museum that once stood on the farm. However, the connection goes back much further than that.

Back when cars were not yet an option, a pony with a carriage would deliver mail from farm to farm in the Stellenbosch area. It was said one of our Cape Dutch buildings called the Jonkershuys used to be a mail room for a while. The mailman, a notorious chatterbox, would often stop and stay for a chat. However the pony, knowing the route and the timing needed, was having none of this, and would carry on without him. This led to many witnessing the mailman having to chase and catch-up with his more industrious pony.

It’s with these beautiful stories that we’ve provided The Pony Express with brand new labels, new branding and new packaging, to illustrate the beautiful history of Blaauwklippen Vineyards. Wonderful stories deserve wonderful wines, and we hope that our newly branded wines will provide you with wonderful times and your own beautiful stories.

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