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Drink up – it’s good for you!

Now that we have your attention, it’s time for some good news – red wine is actually good for you!


We’ve known for a while that red wine is the best wine, but did you know it actually has health benefits? We swear on our 2018 Platter’s Guide – red wine has been known to be linked to several health benefits that will have you reaching for your Blaauwklippen Reds in no time. Thanks to the research of’s Stephanie Castillo in her article “8 reasons to love red wine”, we have come to learn that red wine:
• Lowers your cholesterol
• Protects your heart
• Controls blood sugar
• Boosts brain activity
• Fights off colds (goodbye, winter flu season!)
• Stops cancer (or at least prevent nascent cancer cells from growing)
• Lose weight

Now we’re not saying you should be gulping 5 bottles down a day (although we’re not judging), but research shows that having 4 – 5 glasses a week can actually benefit the drinker. So cheers, and remember that a glass a day will keep the doctor at bay.

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