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Happiness is only a Cupcake away!

Pritti by Migneon Marais-2189

Join us at Blaauwklippen Vineyards for our latest and exciting Cupcake and Wine pairing – the newest edition to our monthly Food and Wine pairing offerings! Our delicious pairing is sure to leave you with a happy heart and stomach – spend the day indulging your sweet tooth and get excited for these uniquely flavoured cupcakes, all expertly paired with our best Blaauwklippen wines:

DIVA Zinfandel MCC 2016 paired with Matcha Cupcake with Coconut & lime Frosting
The lime in the frosting brings out the fresh notes on the MCC, while the coconut enhances the brioche and fresh bread nuances in the MCC. The subtle Macha intensifies the Pink Lady apple notes in the Cap Classique while the fresh acidity beautifully balances out the sweet creamy frosting on the palate.

White Zinfandel 2018 with Banana-Walnut Cupcake with chai cream cheese frosting and maple syrup bacon bits
The unique banana-walnut and chai combination in the cupcake brings the fresh stone fruit and mineral wine flavours to the forefront. The savoury bacon bits enhances the wine’s savoury notes while the wine’s acidity blends away the slight fattiness.

Zinfandel 2017 with Beetroot-Black forest Cupcake
Lush cherry and dark chocolate cupcake notes intensify the intricate wine aromas of sour cherry and Christmas spices. The wine’s fresh acidity and velvet tannins counters the plush sweetness of the cupcake ending in an aromatic balanced finish.

Join us at Blaauwklippen Vineyards, one of the oldest wine farms in Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands, every day till the end of April for this fun and fresh wine pairing for R150 per person. Trust us, it’s one of the best pairings we’ve created and the best thing to do over the weekend in Stellenbosch.

The Stellenbosch Winelands is ready and waiting for you, so don’t miss out! Don’t forget to make a day of it and join us for lunch in our Bistro with Cupcakes and Wine for dessert – the perfect way to end off a day in Stellenbosch!

Be sure to keep your tastebuds ready for our May Food and Wine pairing – spoil your mom for Mother’s Day!


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