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Indulge in a Feast for the Senses with a Taste of Blaauwklippen


Summer time in South Africa is all about revelling in the incredible things life has to offer; sun filled days spent indulging in tasty treats and wonderful activities with our loved ones. We’re always searching for the ideal time, to make the most of summer. The Cape winelands is the perfect place to lose yourself in the best of life, and nowhere offers as perfect an opportunity to do so than Blaauwklippen Vineyards. Indulge in the perfect pairing of their incredible products with mouth-watering meals: a 6 course pairing meticulously designed to tantalise your taste buds and warm the soul.


We begin where at The Sea; Blaauwklippen’s delightful Diva MCC sparkles in the summer sunshine with a Prawn Katafi served on a lime & litchi mousse with grapefruit, coriander & red spring onion salsa, a promising start and a taste of the incredible dishes to come. Next we move on to The Terroir, which will consist of freshly sourced ingredients, a different dish every day specially chosen by the Chef and winemaker, so you’re guaranteed a one-of–a-kind experience.


From the Land brings us Blaauwklippen’s beautifully complex Cabriolet. This aroma-filled masterpiece is served with a mouth-watering crispy pork belly, orange infused butternut puree & plum chutney. If that doesn’t get your saliva glands working, nothing will! Next up is From the Earth; Blaauwklippen’s renowned Red Zinfandel is truly enchanting with a rainbow pepper crusted Springbok loin in macadamia nut & cranberry sauce, served with a polenta croquette. They say you can have too much of a good thing, but never at Blaauwklippen.


Satisfy that sweet tooth with something From the Dairy. A truly one of a kind Zinfandel Noble Late Harvest is playfully paired with gorgonzola panna cotta on a honeycomb & dried broad bean crust, served with melba toast & fresh pears & berry coulis.

20160815_0029All good things must however come to an end, and what better Sweet Ending than Blaauwklippen’s perfectly balanced 8 year old Potstilled Brandy enjoyed with deconstructed dark chocolate & orange tart with hazelnut crust. A dish so heavenly it will make your eyes float!


The good things in life are best enjoyed surrounded by friends and family, and that’s why at Blaauwklippen we welcome you to indulge a little with your loved ones, in generous portions of food and wine, for a truly unforgettable summer treat.

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