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The 6 Best Red Wines to Warm up this Winter

Summer has finally passed us by and gone are those long, sunny days made for sipping in the shade. While this may seem upsetting, we now welcome winter, with nights spent cuddling by a roaring fire whilst watching the rain falling outside. Of course with winter being so cold it’s imperative to find the right wine to help you keep warm, and what better wine than red? Luckily Blaauwklippen has 6 of the best red wines to allow you to pair with hearty, warming foods and good company. Let’s explore these incredible cultivars:

1. Cultivar Selection Merlot: A balanced, well rounded and complex wine with hints of blackberries, thyme and black teabag. Well structured tannins result in a long, smooth and spicy finish, with soft tannins. Pairs perfectly with pizzas and pastas, for those nights when it’s easier to order in than to cook.

2. Cultivar Selection Malbec: This intense wine entices with whiffs of dark chocolate, mocha, rum, cigar box, vibrant spice, raspberry and bright red berries. Full bodied with rich, ripe tannins and a complex, deep structure, it offers a generous, lingering finish. Enjoy it with Carpaccio or use it to wash down a perfectly cooked steak!

3. Cultivar Selection Shiraz: This elegant wine delivers distinct coffee, mocha, rum, chocolate and plum flavours. Full bodied and well structured with beautiful and elegantly integrated tannins. Cook up a yummy warming stew and enjoy as the Shiraz comes to life!

4. Cultivar Selection Cabernet Sauvignon: This fruity, accessible Cabernet Sauvignon is gently matured in large oak vats, which create a smooth, elegant, yet well-structured wine. The wine boasts whiffs of vanilla, sweet tobacco and dark red fruit with underlying notes of cigar box. A smooth finish with hints of tight tannins. Perfect for a Sunday Roast with friends and family.

5. Vineyard Selection Cabriolet: A seamless blend of the following Noble Varietals: 25% Malbec, 24% Merlot, 7% Shiraz, 20% Petit Verdot, 6% Zinfandel and 18% Cabernet Franc. Beautiful complex with aromas of red berry fruit, vanilla oak, pepper spice, rum, sweet tobacco, chocolate, liquorice, caramel, vanilla and overripe fruit. Full bodied with a smooth finish. Perfect with a mouth-watering leg of lamb and roast vegetables.

6. Vineyard Selection Zinfandel: The jewel in the Blaauwklippen crown, this notoriously difficult varietal is well worth the hard work needed to mould it into the enticing wine it is. This wine entices with cinnamon and dry fruit aromas against a slightly peppery backdrop. The palate delivers a medley of intense dried – fruit flavours, for which this cultivar is well known. This can be enjoyed with a choice of game meats, from Springbok to Kudu.

No matter the occasion this winter, from a night in besides a roaring fire to an enjoyable Sunday Roast with your loved ones, Blaauwklippen has the perfect red wine for you. Be prepared this April and get all 6 of these wonderful wines for only R450! Order yours today and make the most of your winter!

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