Blaauwklippen Blending Competition

try your hand at being a winemaker

  • Welcome Note

    The Blaauwklippen Blending Battle is on!
    Are you an aspirational wine blending champion? The time has come for wine clubs to once again battle it out in the annual Blaauwklippen Blending Competition.

    The winning blend will be sold under the Blaauwklippen Cabriolet label in a Magnum (1.5 litre) bottle and 750ml bottle in this 34th popular blending competition where all the blends of the individual wine clubs/societies will compete against each other. The top four scores of all entries will determine the semi-finalists. The four semi-finalists will be invited to Blaauwklippen where the winner will be announced at an award ceremony attended by selected guests and media.

    For this year’s competition, the challenge is to craft a serious red blend with a deep structure and good ageing potential. Blenders will receive 5 base wines and all 5 must be used in the final blend.

    The base wines are:
    • Zinfandel 2016 (maximum of 10% of blend)
    • Cabernet Franc 2016 (maximum of 40% of blend)
    • Merlot 2016
    • Petit Verdot 2016
    • Shiraz 2016

    When you enter, you will receive a hamper containing a 750ml bottle of each of these five wines, along with a plastic measuring cylinder.
    All formulas need to be returned to us (via our website) by 23 June 2017. Cost for an entry is R250 and include the hamper with wines and cylinder, but excludes transport.
    Important Dates

    • Registration opens 03 April 2017
    • Registration & registration fee is due by 30 April 2017
    • Hampers sent to you / ready for collection in the week of 15 May 2017
    • Recipes to reach Blaauwklippen by latest 23 June 2017
    • Semi-final & Final tastings at Blaauwklippen 19 July 2017
    • Award ceremony announcing the winner at Blaauwklippen 08 September 2017
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    All five base wines must be used in the final blend. The Zinfandel 2016 is limited to 10% of the total blend and the Cabernet Franc 2016 is limited to 40% of the total blend.

    Our composition for the 2017 Blaauwklippen Barouche blend is as follows:

    • WINE NUMBER 1 = Zinfandel 2016%
    • WINE NUMBER 2 = Cabernet Franc 2016%
    • WINE NUMBER 3 = Merlot 2016%
    • WINE NUMBER 4 = Petit Verdot 2016%
    • WINE NUMBER 5 = Shiraz 2016%
    Total for Blend (Maximum 100%)


    We chose the above percentages of the various wines for our blend because...