Blaauwklippen Blending Competition

try your hand at being a winemaker

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    Since its establishment in 1984, the Blaauwklippen Blending Competition has gone from strength to strength consecutively for over 33 years, attracting the very best amateur blenders across the country and the world. It remains the only wine competition in South Africa aimed at consumers and not producers. Fancy yourself a blending connoisseur? Make sure to enter!
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    All five base wines must be used in the final blend. The Zinfandel 2016 is limited to 10% of the total blend and the Cabernet Franc 2016 is limited to 40% of the total blend.

    Our composition for the 2017 Blaauwklippen Barouche blend is as follows:

    • WINE NUMBER 1 = Zinfandel 2016%
    • WINE NUMBER 2 = Cabernet Franc 2016%
    • WINE NUMBER 3 = Merlot 2016%
    • WINE NUMBER 4 = Petit Verdot 2016%
    • WINE NUMBER 5 = Shiraz 2016%
    Total for Blend (Maximum 100%)


    We chose the above percentages of the various wines for our blend because...